Our Company

30 years of snaily

The snaily company is established. It is one of the pioneers in France’s hobby inland navigation industry that emerges as a force in the 80s. The family business grows – in line with its logo – slowly but surely, creating a solid base of operations over the years.

Company owner Kurt “Giacomo” Gadola acquires the obsolete Péniche Denise (a barge from 1922!) and together with his wife Vreni “Caroline” transforms it into their “residence” after years of effort. Since its completion, the couple lives throughout the year in the 280 tonne displacement ship (38.5 x 5 m) and supports their snaily clients in word and deed in the middle of the cruising region.

Daughter Susanne Gadola joins the company and runs the Swiss travel agency since then. From Switzerland, she oversees the growing clientele that increasingly comes from all around the world. Specializing in house boat vacations, the travel agency offers not only its own fleet, but also products from a few established partner companies operating on a global level.

Giacomo establishes the French company Escarg'eau in Burgundy. Although it is responsible for the technical maintenance of houseboats, the company focuses primarily on boat construction and further development.

The practical experience gained with the four snaily prototypes built between 1986 and 1988 is very promising and the company commences mold making for series production of the boat.

The first new-generation boat, the “Madeleine Renaud”, is christened. Minor and major teething problems are overcome and …

construction starts. The company continues to abide by its “small is beautiful” principle in the following years.

The keel of the no. 12 series is laid.

The first snaily hybrid is inaugurated.